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Planet Vegeta was the planet where Saiyans came from. But there used to be two races that lived on the planet Vegeta: The Tuffles and the Saiyans. The Tuffles had the technology and a lot of modern things that earth had. The Saiyans were very primitive and had no technology. They were big and strong and all loved to fight. They all had one thing in common: their tails. The Saiyans lived far from the Tuffles. The Tuffles knew that the Saiyans were much stronger, but always lived peacefully never worrying about them attacking because even though the Saiyans were stronger, they were less in number. So one day the city of the Tuffles was attacked by the Saiyans. They weren't ready for it. The Saiyans used the element of surprise against them. The Saiyans killed a lot of people before the Tuffles could even attack. They Tuffles had scouters to tell your power levels, and guns and other weapons, but it was useless. They couldn't stop the Saiyans. Then something happened that only happens every 8 years on Vegeta; there was a full moon! Since they had tails, the Saiyans transformed into giant apes. Now they had super strength and size and the Tuffles were doomed. They race of the Tuffles was gone. But now the Saiyans couldn't do what they always wanted, which was to fight. All the technology had been destroyed, so now they couldn't even leave the planet. Then some other planet in need of a new place to live contacted the Saiyans and asked them to wipe out the inhabitants of a good planet and the Saiyans would sell the planet to them. They would send strong people to planets with strong inhabitants and planets with weaklings a baby is suffiecient enough to carry out the job. The Saiyans could now do what they wanted. They had a new business. But the hatred that the Saiyans had angered one of the good guys there. So he sent of bunch of comets to destroy the planet. Or so the Saiyans believed. There were only four away from the planet when it happened. Prince Vegeta, Leader of the Saiyan army, Nappa, a first class Saiyan Warrior, Raditz, and Kakarot who was send to earth as a baby.

Three of the four Saiyans that were away from the planet were working for a very strong person named Frieza. What they would do is take over planets and Frieza would pay them a prize. Frieza would use Saiyans to take over planets because he believed they were the second strongest race. He never thought that they would oppose him. But Frieza hated they Saiyans and always called them monkeys. He was really of afraid of them. Vegeta were Nappa and Raditz's leader. They wanted to attack Frieza, but Vegeta wouldn't allow them. Ever since the planet Vegeta was destroyed, Vegeta knew how it really happened. Bardock, Kakarot's father, was leading the Saiyans to protect the planet from destruction. Frieza was there and was about to destroy it. Out of the tip of his finger a fireball came and killed all the people and destroyed the whole planet. Vegeta had known that the whole time, but didn't care. He said it all mattered about being the strongest in the universe. Once he was the strongest, he would get his revenge.


The Saiyans are the strongest race in the universe. With a tail and a full moon, they have the ability to transform into Oozaru form.Then Gokou discovered another tranformation of a Saiyan which a legendary Super Saiyan was able to do 3000 years before. Gokou tranforms into a Saiyan with blonde hair and green eyes.Gokou had figured this out on his way to Namek. He was training in 100 times gravity! When he came to Namek, he was very fast and strong. Vegeta had noticed how calm he was and that he figured out that Gokou new the secret. In the fight against Frieza, Klilyn was killed trying to get away and Gokou got very angry. That was his best friend and that's when the tranformation began. The transformation was sparked by anger. There are also different forms of the Saiyan. Super Saiyan is the normal one. The first one that was discovered. They have spikey blonde hair, and blue eyes. Super Saiyan 2 is another form that is stronger than Saiyan 1, but theres not much difference except that the hair sticks out a lot more than the normal first transformation. Saiyan 3 is when they grow really long blonde hair. Only Gokou and Gotenks do this transformation in DragonballZ. It is meant for the after-life to do it only, because it drains so much energy. Saiyan 4, which is only in DragonballGT, is when a Saiyan has black hair and red fur. They also have a tail, so that when they look into the moon they transform into Super Oozaru form, which is the giant monkey with gold fur.