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Raditz was a Saiyan from the Planet Vegeta. He came to planet earth hoping that it had been destroyed. But when he came he was disappointed to discover that the people there were still alive. When Raditz landed he had a much higher power level than anyone there. His power level was at 1300. Now he was flying off to meet a man named Kakarot.

He sensed a power nearby and saw that it was Piccolo. This is when he first demonstrated his power. Piccolo shot him with a fireball, but realized that it didn't even leave a scratch. Before Raditz could attack he sensed another power and knew it had to be Kakarot. He landed on Master Roshi's island and saw Gokou. There he told Gokou about his relationship with him. Raditz told him that they were brothers. He also explained how he was from another planet and that they were called Saiyans. The Saiyans were like planet brokers. They would destroy all inhabitants on planets and sell them. Raditz explained to him that Gokou was supposed to destroy the people on earth. He was hoping to get Gokou back on his side, but he couldn't. Raditz kidnapped his son and Gokou and Piccolo came to rescue him and the earth. To see what happened go to Raditz Saga.

Raditz also worked for Frieza. He was in the group along with Vegeta and Nappa. Raditz was much weaker than the other two. He came to planet Earth to get Kakarot to go to his side and because people were willing to buy the planet. Since they thought that Earth had weak people, Raditz was the only one that was sent to do the job. He was just one of the four that was away from Planet Vegeta when it was destroyed.

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