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Piccolo was from the planet Namek. He was the offspring of a pure evil Namek named Daimon. Gokou defeated Daimon and he said that his offspring would avenge his death. Kami-sama and Piccolo are the same person. Kami-sama split himself into two people: pure and evil. Piccolo was the evil side, but he wasn't really pure evil. He just had the intent of killing Gokou. Piccolo was also the person who created the Dragonballs on earth, so if he died the Dragonballs on earth would disappear.

Later Piccolo had no choice, but to join forces with Gokou in destroying Raditz. He was the one who destroyed Raditz using a special move that he made, Special Beam Cannon. It was so strong that it penetrated through Radditz and even killed Gokou who was holding Raditz still. The special attack could go faster than the speed of light.

Piccolo said that after they killed him that he would become a bad guy again and try to rule the world, but after he saw the power Gohan had, discovered that two Saiyans, much, much more stronger than Raditz, were coming to get the Dragonballs (Vegeta and Nappa), and since Gokou died, Piccolo had no choice but to train Gohan and prepare him for the Saiyans. Now Piccolo has to definately stay on the good guys' side

Piccolo treated Gohan like he was part of his family. He taught Gohan all that he knew. Piccolo believed that Gohan was treated to nicely, so he left Gohan all alone to survive for six months. This let Gohan learn to use his powers and the rest of the training was for Piccolo and Gohan to fight. This was a challenge for Piccolo because twice Gohan's tail grew back and there was a full moon which turned Gohan into an ape. Piccolo protected Gohan in all the battles and died saving him from Nappa. Even though Gohan becomes much stronger than Piccolo, he still helps him in all battles. Gohan cared a lot for him also. He would do anything to make Piccolo happy.

Piccolo's training was different from a normal person. He could get stronger by not even physically doing something. He could just use his mind and train in his mind. But it still wasn't as good as actually fighting. Piccolo has the ability to split himself into two people. He used this ability to train himself. He loved to fight and believed that he was great at the art of fighting. He knew that some people had a much higher power level than him and could fight better than him, but he still never gave up a battle.

After Piccolo was killed saving Gohan's life from Nappa, he was sent to King Kai's place to train. He didn't really like some of King Kai's way of training like trying to catch a monkey or trying to hit a cricket with a very heavy hammer. Piccolo easily caught the monkey hoping to get some real training from King Kai, but King Kai said that he still had more to do. Piccolo trained by himself. Then King Kai finally decided that they should fight each other: Piccolo versus all. He was having a little bit of trouble, and he knew that King Kai's training helped them get stronger. King Kai wanted to Piccolo to stay on the good guys' side because he knew that Piccolo could be very helpful. He was hoping that his training wasn't making him evil again. Piccolo was anxious to get wished backed with the Dragonballs on Namek so that he could help Gokou and the rest of his friends fight Frieza.

Even though DragonballZ becomes a show of all saiyans, Piccolo is still a strong fighter and competitor to the Saiyans.

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