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Nappa is a Saiyan Warrior from the Planet Vegeta. Nappa was leader of the Saiyan army and an Elite Saiyan warrior. He aslo had a tail, but since he was an Elite it didn't hurt when it was grabbed. He also worked for Frieza to destroy all life forms on planets. But he was under the control of Vegeta. He was one of the four Saiyans that was away from the planet when it was destroyed.

Nappa came to the planet earth along with Vegeta to collect the Dragonballs and make a wish. Nappa is bald and has a bulky body. But compared to the other Saiyans he is weak. When he was fighting the earthlings he was much stronger than all of them. There was no one that could defeat him. He also loved to fool around and destroy things. He easily defeated all of them until Gokou came. He beat him so bad and Vegeta was embarassed. Nappa was not able to get one hit on Gokou. So his size does not even matter.

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