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Nameks come from the planet Namek. The planet is very far from earth. With a Namekian space ship it would take 2 months to get there and thats traveling way faster than the speed of light. With a Saiyan Space Pod it would take 6 days. The planet was once very nice until a storm came through and destroyed all the plants and destroyed the ground. It killed all the Nameks except for one. The one Namek who survived ,Guru, made over 100 babies. He has many powers like giving a person their fullest fighting potential and allowing them to use their hidden powers. He also created the Super Dragonballs. This is the reason why many people attacked Namek. They wanted to make a wish with the Dragonballs.

The people on Namek are averagely strong. Many have powers and can fight. There are also Namek Warriors which includes Nail. Also the Nameks invented a technique which combines strength, power, speed, and mind. This technique is known as "fusion" which was first demonstrated with Piccolo and Nail. When Piccolo arrived from the King Kai's planet, he saw a hurt Nail and came down to him. Nail told him to hold him and they combined into one person. This helped Piccolo fight off Frieza.
When all the babies got older, they all worked on making the planet nice again. They planted the flowers and trees that once occupied Namek. They never plant any food though since all they consume is water. Later, the planet Namek is destroyed the Nameks live on another planet.