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Klilyn was born on the planet earth. Gokou and him were good friends ever since they were little. But when they first met, Klilyn would didn't like Gokou and would try to beat him up, since they were both being trained by Kamesennin Mutenroushi (Master Roshi). Even a few times Klilyn beat up Gokou, but he could never be as strong as Gokou.

Klilyn trained hard, on Karin Tower (Kami's lookout, for the battle against Nappa and Vegeta, but was defeated very easily. Then he trained with Gohan a little on the way to Namek, and gained new powers from the Guru. They got past Goldo, but couldn't defeat Recoome as Klilyn was easily defeated in one hit to the head. From then on he usually never participates in a battle when there are strong fighters. He becomes a spectator with Master Roshi and the rest that don't fight. They are the people that were once strong, but can't stand a chance against the fighters now.

Klilyn's dream was to be married one day. He fell in love with Bulma at first and thought that he would one day have a chance with her. But she would fall back in love with Yamcha throughout the series and would eventually marry Vegeta! Then he met his girl. During the fight between Cell and Cyborg #18, Cell absorbed #18 and became Perfect Cell. Super Gohan fought Cell, and during the battle #18 came out of Cell and Klilyn came to her rescue. His dream was fulfilled and Klilyn and #18 married.

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