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Gokou is the strongest fighter in the universe (but Gohan becomes stronger than him at the end of DragonballZ). Kakarot originally came from the planet Vegeta at a young age. His earth grandfather, Gohan, was the one that found him and named him Gokou. Since most Saiyans are evil at heart, Gokou didn't want anything to do with Gohan. Then one day Gokou wandered away from his grandfather and fell into a riveen. He hit is head hard. Gohan took care of him and from that day forth Gokou became good.

Gokou was first trained by Master Roshi. When a bunch of ships came to attack Master Roshi's island he used the Kame Hame Ha. It took him 50 years to learn that move and right after Gokou saw him use it, he shot a Kame Hame Ha (a concentration of energy all into one beam) at a rock and destroyed it. Master Roshi knew that Goku would be one of the best fighters in the universe.

One thing that Gokou learned from Master Roshi, was to never give up. No matter what you should always try your best. This is why Goku had so much confidence when he fought. He also told Gokou that even though you may be the best, there is always room for improvement. Gokou would train hard striving to be the best fighter in the universe and he always looked for a challenge. But there was one thing that Gokou is afraid of: NEEDLES!

Another person that trained Gokou was King Kai after Gokou was hit by a Special Beam Cannon (a special attack that Piccolo developed where the beam is in the shape of a drill) when they were fighting Radditz. But the only way for a person to be trained by King Kai is to die. First, Gokou had to run to the end of Snake Way, which is more than 10,000 miles long!!! At the end was King Kai's place. Where he first learned what it was like when the gravity was much stronger than earth's. The gravity on King Kai's island is 10 times earth's gravity. The first thing Goku had to do was make King Kai laugh. Then the real training began. This is where Gokou learned how to do a Kaioken, which makes all your senses and strength better, and he learned to do a Spirit Bomb, one of the strongest attacks[It is when all the spirit energy of all things are combined into one ball]. The training on King Kai's planet raised Gokou's power level from 120 to around 20,000 and rising!!!

Gokou was the first Saiyan, since 3000 years, to change into Super Saiyan.

His training on the space shuttle to Namek in 100 times earth's gravity helped him learn. Before he even changed his power level was estimated at 180,000! Also anger sparked the transformation. After Frieza killed Klilyn, Gokou got very angry and would do anything to kill Frieza. Then the transformation began and that's when Gokou changed into a Super Saiyan. Even though he only trained for 6 days, it is equivalent to training for over 8,000 years on earth.

When Gokou grows older, he marries Chi-Chi. They have 2 kids, Gohan and Goten.

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