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Gohan is the son of Gokou and Chi-Chi. He was named after his great grandfather. Gohan is not only a good fighter, but he is also very smart. His mother's dream was for Gohan to be a scholar. She would push him in his education trying to make him smarter. Chi-chi didn't want Gohan to take any martial arts or hanging out with any of Goku's friends. He was born on earth, so he was half earthling and half Saiyan. He even had a tail just like Goku did when he was younger. This tail would turn Gohan into a giant monkey with extreme power if he looked into the full moon or an artificial moon. Gohan was born with a lot of power. He had a lot of hidden power and became even stronger through anger. Once Gokou dies, Gohan becomes the strongest fighter on earth.

At a young age, Gohan was forced into fighting. Raditz wanted Gokou to kill 100 people, so while Goku would do that Radditz would keep Gohan. Gohan would keep crying and he was so afraid, so Radditz shut him in his space ship.

Gokou and Piccolo came to rescue Gohan and while Raditz looked into his scouter (device that tells power levels and location) and saw that something had a power of 710! This object was very close to him and he knew that it wasn't Piccolo or Goku. He turned and realized that it was Gohan. His power level was higher than Piccolo's and Goku's combined. While Goku was fighting Raditz, Gohan saw his father fall to the ground and not get back up. This is when Gohan unleashed is hidden strength. He broke through the space ship and tackled Raditz in his stomach, nearly breaking through his armor, something his father couldn't even do at the time. But Gohan forgot what had happened. After the battle with Raditz, Piccolo had to train Gohan to learn to use his powers for 2 even more powerful Saiyans.

Piccolo believed that Gohan was treated too nicely, so the first half of his training was to survive all by himself for six months. Gohan easily mastered this and learned to use his power a little bit better. After that Piccolo needed to train with someone else, so he chose Gohan. For the rest of the year until the Saiyans came Gohan would fight Piccolo, only stopping to eat and sleep. This really helped Gohan and he even beat Piccolo a few times. Gohan was ready for the fight after learning all that Piccolo knew.

Gohan proved to be a help in the battle against the Saiyans. At first he was afraid, but then Piccolo was killed trying to save Gohan and Gohan became angry. He managed to hold off Nappa until Gokou came to help him, but could not defeat him.

Later Gohan becomes stronger. He was also trained by Gokou, where Gokou unleashed all of his hidden powers and his full potential. He was being trained for the battle against Cell. While he was fighting Cell, Android 17 gave the rest of his power to Gohan and defeated Cell. Gohan turned into Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and no one in the universe was stronger than him, not even GOKOU!

After Cell was defeated, Gokou was dead. Gohan was expected to save the world. Other people are stronger than him, but when he gets angry and goes Super Saiyan 2, there is no one in the universe stronger than him. During this time that Gokou is dead, Gokou teleports back into his dimension as a ghost and helps Gohan to defeat the enemies.

Gohan gets older and goes to school in Satan City. This is where he first meets his future wife, Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan. There Gohan plays a super hero named, Great Saiyaman. The Z fighters never really get any special attention, so this is one way for him to get more of his fame. There, Videl keeps a watch for when the city needs help. They'll call her for help and she will tell Gohan.

Later Gohan gets a little brother, Goten and he marries Videl. They have a daughter, Pan.

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