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The Ginew Force is a strong fighting team that works for Frieza. They do intense training and are a very secret group. They are only brought out by Frieza if he needs some group to help him, before he actually does some fighting. Only when the matter gets very serious will he bring them. The Ginew Force contain five fighters each with high powers and an ability to have style and finesse. They are Captain Ginew, Recoome, Jeice, Burter, and Goldo. Each have to have finesse. In the DragonballZ series, each will demonstrate their own dance moves.

Ginew is the captain of the force and the strongest. His highest power level is 150,000. He has a very useful power: the ability to switch bodies, which he does against Gokou. But this power is also very bad, because he could also switch into a body that he doesn't want. Ginew is Frieza's right hand man and knows all kinds of dances. He likes to brag about the finesse that the Ginew Force has and is a very disciplined fighter. I'll have the Ginew Force Saga up soon to learn more.