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Frieza is one of the strongest people in the universe. His father is King Cold and his brother is Coola. The Saiyans believed that the Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a comet, but it was really Frieza who destroyed the planet Vegeta. When the Saiyans saw him coming they all came to stop him. The group was led by Bardock, Gokou's father. But even all those Saiyans couldn't stop him. Frieza created a huge ball at the tip of his finger and shot it at the Planet and destroying. Only four Saiyans were away from the planet when this happened and they would be the ones to get their revenge.

Frieza would also have the Saiyans help him to destroy inhabitants and take over planets. The Saiyans hated Frieza very much for the way he treated them, especially Vegeta. Frieza would always call the Saiyans weak little monkeys. Vegeta always wanted to get back at Frieza. And Nappa and Raditz wondered why he would never attack him. He was waiting to get stronger than Frieza.

Then Frieza's worse nightmare came true when the Saiyans turned against him and fought him. Vegeta was never strong enough to fight Frieza head on, but he did destroy his space ship and all of his guards. But Gokou was strong enough. Gokou tranformed into Super Saiyan for the first time. Just like the Saiyans, Frieza can transform. He goes through many tranformations, each one getting beat, until he only has one more transformation left, which is to go to 100% power. At first he was too afraid to transform because he wasn't sure that he could handle it, but then Gokou was too strong for him. So they fought with Gokou as Super Saiyan and Frieza at 100% power, while the earth was about to destroyed.

He also has the ability to live in outer space. No other being can do this. So when he was planning to destroy the planet Namek, he knew that Gokou couldn't survive in outer space. That is why he didn't care if he won or lost because Gokou too would also die.

While on Planet Namek, Frieza also learned the ability to regenerate body parts. While he was fighting Nail, he ripped off one of his arms. Luckily all Nameks have the ability to regenerate body parts. So as he grew his arm back, Frieza watched him and took note of how to do that. He comes back to life once to fight Gohan.

Frieza is very sly fighter and will do anything to win. Even during the fight between him and Gokou, Gokou gave him some power to live, but Frieza used that power to try and destroy Gokou.

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