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Raditz Saga

One day an alien landed on Earth. He saw a farmer and wondered why the Earth hadn't been destroyed yet. He had to find Kakarot and discover the reason. In his scouter he noticed that there was a power of 322 near and thought that it was Kakarot. Meanwhile, Gokou was looking for Gohan, so that they could have a reunion on Master Roshi's island. Gokou was going to meet some friends that he hasn't seen in a long time: Bulma, Klilyn, and Master Roshi. He would also show them Gohan, whom they've never met before. At this time, Raditz went to the power and saw that it wasn't Kakarot, but Piccolo. He planned to attack and kill Piccolo, just like he did to the farmer. He was charging up, when he sensed another power of 330 and knew that it was Kakarot and quickly flew to the island that he was on. Piccolo knew that this was going to be a problem. On the island Gokou learned some things about him that he never knew before. Raditz told him that he was from the planet Vegeta, his real name is Kakarot, and that Vegeta had been destroyed when Kakarot left. He told him that Saiyans take over planets and sell them. Then Gokou found out that Raditz was his brother! He was very surprised and scared. Raditz told him that he was supposed to have taken over Earth and noticed that Gokou's tail was missing. Raditz told him that he lost his true power and that was the reason he had good behavior. Now Gokou could never transform at the sight of the full moon. Then Raditz gave him an ultimatum: either kill 100 people on earth in one day or he'll take Gohan to take over planets. Raditz realized Gohan had a tail and that he could be really strong. Then Raditz flew off with Gohan.

Gokou, Klilyn, and Master Roshi were planning to attack Raditz. Gokou didn't want them to because they had already been wished back to earth and the Eternal Dragon on earth won't grant the same wish twice. They didn't care and were still going to fight Raditz until Piccolo came. He told them that all of them combine couldn't beat him. Piccolo told Gokou that they have to fight together to win. Gokou agreed. First, they had to find out where he was. Bulma remembered that Gohan was wearing a Dragonball on his hat and looked on her Dragon Radar and found a Dragonball moving very fast. Gokou borrowed the Dragon Radar and they both went to attack Raditz. Master Roshi knew that this was going to be a good fight, while Klilyn and Bulma didn't trust Piccolo at all. They all got into Bulma's plane and flew to where the fight would be.

Gohan was very sad and kept crying so Raditz locked him in his space shuttle. Then Raditz scouter was going out of control and there was a power near by with a power level of 710 and it was only 50 feet away. He turned and saw that it was Gohan. He said that a little boy couldn't have that much power and just turned it off. Gokou's plan was to land far so that they could sneak up on Raditz, but Piccolo told him about his scouter and that it tells the power and location, so his plans were ruined. They would have to attack him head on. After a while, Raditz turned on his scouter again and the power level still said 710 on Gohan and thought that it was broken, until he sensed a power of 630. It was actually Piccolo and Gokou's power levels combined and remembered that Gokou had a power level of 330. He thought that Gokou wouldn't attack him until he actually saw him and thats when he realized that Gohan's power level was really 710.

Raditz thought that Gokou came there to tell him that he was going to join forces with him. But Gokou had planned to fight him. While Raditz was talking Piccolo had taken off his weighted clothing. He took off his heavy cape and hat. Gokou saw this and started to take off his too. He took off his 30 pound shirt, his two 50 pound boots, and his two 5 pound wrist bands. Both of their power levels rose above 400! Gokou warned Raditz that he was twice as fast, but Raditz laughed at him and showed them what speed really is. He ran at them, teleported, and appeared behind them and elbowed them in the back. Piccolo was going to shoot a fireball at Raditz, but he reminded him how it didn't have an effect last time and it would be just a waste of energy. Gokou was ready to fight, but he requested to see Gohan first. Then the fight began. Gokou and Piccolo ran at Raditz and attacked him at the same time, but Raditz was still able to hold them off. Gokou and Piccolo ran off of him and teleported behind Raditz, but he was ready and kicked both in the face backwards. Then Gokou and Piccolo ran at him again, so he pushed himself into the air and shot two huge fireballs at them. It missed Gokou and appeared to miss Piccolo, and hit mountains in the distance. They both landed and Gokou looked up and couldn't find Raditz. Then he appeared behind Gokou and hit him hard.

Then Gokou got up and asked if Piccolo was ok and noticed that his left arm was missing. He noticed that his left arm was missing! He was hit by one of Raditz's fireballs, but he was okay. They needed a plan because their fighting wasn't doing anything, except for making them tired. Piccolo told Gokou that he made a new attack. He believed that the attack could do damage. But there was a problem; it took a while for Piccolo to gain the energy. So Gokou would have to battle Raditz for 5 minutes, while Piccolo would gain energy. This attack had never been used and was the move that Piccolo was going to use to attack Gokou, but he had no choice but to use it. Gokou attacked Raditz and was doing good for a few seconds. Then Raditz was beating up badly with a storm of punches and kicks. Raditz kicked him hard and Gokou went flying, but recovered and was charging for a KameHameHa. Raditz noticed that his power level could rise but concentrating his energy into one spot. Gokou's power level had risen to above 950! Then he saw that Piccolo's power level was rising too. It was over 1000 and still rising! Gokou fired his attack and Raditz ran. He had enough, turned around, and cancelled the attack. Then Raditz shot a quick fireball at Gokou and Gokou fell to the ground. Raditz ran at Gokou, picked him up and was about to hit Gokou until he saw ready to attack. Piccolo's power was now 1330 and Raditz couldn't block it. He realized that he underestimated them. Piccolo fired his attack, but was only able to hit his right shoulder and pierce his armor after Raditz barely dodged it. Raditz could move faster than the speed of light! Raditz was ready to do his attack that he was supposed to do on Piccolo when they first met, (keep your eye on the birdie), until Gokou came and grapped Raditz's tail. Gokou asked Piccolo to charge up again. While Piccolo was charging up, Raditz was lying to Gokou so that he could be released. Gokou asked, "Do you promise to leave this planet for good?" Raditz replied "Yes. Of course. It's over! I'll tell the others you won't join." Piccolo warned him one last time, but Gokou still released him. He was too trusting. Raditz got up and hit Gokou. He flew towards Gokou and stomped on his stomach. Raditz lied and said that he wouldn't hurt his own flesh and blood, but later told Gokou that he's a first class Saiyan Warrior and wouldn't hesitate to even kill his own brother. Then he stomped Gokou hard again.

Meanwhile, Chi-Chi was preparing dinner and saw how Gohan had a 100% on his last math test and she was thinking about pushing Gohan into science.

Raditz was still stomping on Gokou's stomach and Gokou didn't beg for mercy, so Raditz was ready ro kill him until Gohan broke through the space pod! Everyone was terrified of his power. Gokou told Gohan to run, but he had his own plans. He had a power level of 1370 and rising! He didn't like his dad getting hurt and a ball of fire surrounded Gohan and he flew at Raditz and headbutted him in the chest damaging his armor! No one has ever done that to Raditz. He asked Gohan about the power, but Gohan couldn't remember. Raditz couldn't have that power in the way and under control, so Raditz knocked Gohan out. He was going to fire an attack on him to kill Gohan, when Gokou came from behind and grabbed Raditz. He told Piccolo to do his attack. By now all of Gokou's ribs were broken. Raditz asked Gokou how would he dodge it and Gokou told him he would die too. Raditz could have stopped Gokou, but Gohan's blow hurt him. Piccolo's power level was 1440 and Raditz knew that he and Gokou survive that. Then Piccolo fired and killed Raditz and Gokou.

Raditz told Piccolo that he was a fool for sacrificing his life. Now he is gone forever. But Piccolo told Raditz that Gokou would probably be back in a week. Raditz was wondering how and Piccolo told him about the Dragonballs. When someone gathers all seven Dragonballs, they can make any wish they want. Gokou would have the last laugh! But what Piccolo didn't know was that the scouter could also be used to communicate and that the others heard. They would be coming to earth in 1 year to make a wish. And the two other Saiyans that would be coming were much stronger than Raditz! Raditz would have the last laugh as Piccolo ended his life.

Master Roshi, Bulma, and Klilyn finally landed and only saw that Piccolo was standing. They went over to Gokou and Gokou had some final words to say. He asked them to wish him back with the Dragonballs and that he loved them all. Then he disappeared. They wondered where he went and Piccolo told them that it was Kami who had taken him. Kami was the Guardian of the Earth and Gokou was good friends with him. Then Piccolo was charging up and it looked like he would attack them, but was really growing back his left arm. Then he told them about the Saiyans and that he would take Gohan to train with him. He had to because the power that Gohan demonstrated could be a lot of help in the battle against the Saiyans. Piccolo would take him no matter what anyone else said.