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Chi-Chi is married to Gokou. Her father is the Ox-King so Chi-Chi was a princess. At a young age she was in love with Gokou and made Gokou promise her that they would get married when they grow up. As a mother Chi-Chi was very bossy.

Chi-Chi and Gokou had their first kid, Gohan. Gohan was very smart and Chi-Chi pushed him into learning. She wanted Gohan to become and scholar when he grew up. She didn't want Gohan to learn any martial arts, like her, because she believed that it was a waste a time. Then after Gokou died for his first time, Gohan was trained in martial arts and she was very depressed and angry. She always blames Gokou for what Gohan does and yells at Gohan for not studying all the time. When Gokou and Gohan are away from home too long she worries a lot and to pass time Chi-Chi will clean around the house. She always complains that all that worrying will cause wrinkles.

Then Gokou and Chi-Chi have another kid when Gohan was already an adult. Goten was trained in fighting from his mother. Even though it may seemed weird and that he didn't get a good enough training Goten was able to transform into a Super Saiyan at the age of 5, faster than anyone else! She had to teach him because everyone else in his family knew how to fight. After Gokou had died in the battle against Cell, Chi-Chi would go to Bulma's house everyday. Bulma and Vegeta had a son, named Trunks. So Goten and Trunks would become best friends. They would spar with each other, but if they did in front of their parents then they would be broken up, because they never liked fighting.

Chi-Chi was trained in martial arts and is a good fighter. She could also be considered the strongest in the world because she can do one thing that no one else can do; tell Gokou what to do.

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